6 Easy Ways to Enjoy Wheatgrass Daily

Sometimes introducing a new ingredient to your diet can be challenging if you haven't tried it before. Until you've tried it out, you don't know what your favourite ways to eat it are. That's why we're showing you some of the many ways you can include Wheatgrass Powder in your day.


wheatgrass powder


1. In a glass of water - so simple and easy! Just mix 1 tsp of wheatgrass powder into a glass of water. We also suggest adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to it! Mid-afternoon energy slump? Mix this up and enjoy the energetic benefits

2. Wheatgrass Latte. Just combine 1 cup milk of your choice, 1 Tsp wheatgrass powder and a few drops of pure stevia (or sweetener of your choice). Mix with a spoon - try pouring a small amount of milk into your cup and mix the wheatgrass powder in to create a paste and then add the remaining ingredients and stir well. This is a great substitution anytime you might be reaching for a coffee or a soda

3. Smoothie. So. Many. Options. Here. Combine with your favorite smoothie ingredients including various fruit and vegetables depending on the time of year.
A light quick & easy breakfast

4. Add to your Green Juice. Whether it’s a homemade green juice you have whipped up yourself, or a store bought version - just stir in 1 tsp wheatgrass powder for additional fibre in your green juice. This helps slow down the sugars in the juice from reaching your liver and digestive system too quickly. Try this between meals, especially in the afternoon for an energy pick me up

5. Salad Dressing. Stir 1 Tsp of wheatgrass powder to any homemade salad dressing that you might be whipping up. Even just simply mixed together with some olive oil and drizzled over your favorite greens, this is a yummy and nutritious way to add more goodness to your meal!

6. Sprinkled over your Oatmeal. Such a simple straightforward way to increase your intake of wheatgrass. Combine with seeds and nuts in your oatmeal, along with the added fiber of the wheatgrass and and help yourself feel fuller longer.


So, start with one of these ideas and then begin to add others - or create your own faves! Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein so it will keep you fuller than snacks without protein.