Detoxifying to Combat Hair Loss

Our bodies operate as best they can given the harsh stresses and poor diets that are so prevalent in this time-poor culture we're living in. We can give them a leg up by reducing the amount of toxins in our bodies. One way to do this is with detox drinks and for those who do this on a regular basis, the health benefits are noticeable.

However, one issue that isn't widely discussed in relation to detoxes, is hair loss. Our friends over at Hair Loss Revolution have written an in-depth article about using a detox diet to address problems with hair loss.

They outline the reasons that a detox can help with hair loss. It's not the first cause most people think of so might be worth a try if you are struggling with losing hair.

Using a simple supplement like Organic Super Greens can contribute to a less toxic intestinal tract. Check out our easy formula for Super Greens smoothies. They also recommend bentonite clay (check out our new type of bentonite clay that's suitable for internal use) as a great way to eliminate toxins from your body.

We are still finding so many new uses for the range of products we offer. Tell us how you use our natural, raw products and we might feature you on our blog!