<h1 itemprop=>Pure Lanolin</h1> <h4>Nature's ultimate skin moisturizer and repairer. Derived from sheep wool.</h4>

Pure Lanolin

Nature's ultimate skin moisturizer and repairer. Derived from sheep wool.

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100% New Zealand Lanolin

Sourced entirely from New Zealand wool

2 Types Available:

Pure Lanolin (Raw)

  • Also known as 'wool grease', this is the rawest form of lanolin. It has been cleaned, but is not classified as pharmaceutical grade
  • Darker in colour
  • Less refined
  • Mild odour

Pure Lanolin (Cosmetic Grade)

  • Lighter in colour
  • More refined
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the European Pharmacopeia (EP)
  • Almost no odour 

No perfumes or artificial scents added

New Zealand lanolin is rich in Vitamin D3

Similar to substances found in humans skin - it acts as an excellent emollient - helping to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin whilst also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss though the epidermis

High in alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly touted as having anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties

Lanolin has a multitude of uses including, but not limited to:

  1. Skin moisturizer
  2. Emulsifier
  3. Mechanical lubricant
  4. Nipple salve for breastfeeding mothers
  5. A base ingredient for all kinds of creams, gels, balms and salve

Comes in 4 sizes:

100g (0.22 Lb) Sealed, foil-lined plastic packet

150g (0.33 Lb) Sealed, foil-lined plastic packet

200g (0.44 Lb) Sealed, foil-lined plastic packet - shipped as 2 x 100g packets

500g (1.1 Lb) Plastic Jar

Please note: We cannot take responsibility for any allergic reactions a user may have. If a reaction does occur, please discontinue use.