Pure New Zealand Lanolin - EP Grade, Jars (100g - 600g)

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✔️No Petrolatum
✔️No Parabens
✔️No Mineral Oil
✔️No Sulfates
✔️No PEGs

  • Meets the stringent requirements of the European Pharmacopeia (EP)
  • New Zealand lanolin is rich in Vitamin D3
  • Similar to substances found in humans skin - it acts as an excellent emollient - helping to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin whilst also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss though the epidermis
  • High in alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly touted as having anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties

Looking for a product as mechanical lubricant, rust proofing, leather protection, dog paw protection? We have raw lanolin available in jars too.

We also have raw lanolin and EP grade lanolin available in sachets, which have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING included in the price

If you're interested in making a bulk purchase, please contact us here 

Please note: We cannot take responsibility for any allergic reactions a user may have. If a reaction does occur, please discontinue use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Wonderful product!

I love using this product on my skin. It has really helped to heal my contact dermatitis. It is also wonderful at keeping skin hydrated and smoothing out wrinkles. It's slightly sticky so I apply an hour or so before bed. I have tried other 'lanolin' products but they are mixed with moisturiser, strong perfumes or other chemicals. This is the only product that I have found on the market that is simply high quality lanolin and I really appreciate it! I would definitely recommend this product to my favourite people.

Hilary Finnie
Great product

I love this pure lanolin, it mixes easily with coconut oil and/or shea butter to make a fabulous body lotion. Or I sometimes just mix it with a bought body lotion to make it so much better. Or use by itself on all the gnarly bits like knees, elbows, dry lips - fantastic product


Phenomenal product! Love this Lanolin. Purchased all the sizes from NZNATURALLY in both jars & sachets (just so I never run out and also to have some different sizes) and love that it has no scent/smell whatsoever. It works on my extra dry skin all over (I have Sjogren's), on lips, heels, sores, wherever your skin needs nourishment. It softens and protects. I absolutely LOVE THIS and wouldn't be without it from now on. I live in the USA and even though there was no tracking available (they notify us of that fact), I received my large order in about 3 weeks' time, even with Covid-delays. I think that that's incredible!! I've purchased lanolin from other companies/websites before, but NZNATURALLY beats them all. I happen to love animals and this company treats animals kindly, not abusively like the other companies. That is why I will ALWAYS purchase my lanolin goods from THIS company because they are ethical in how they obtain their wool and how they harvest the lanolin from the animals.That is extremely important to me!! NZNATURALLY, you have here a customer for life!!!!! Sincerely, Isabelle Hopkins.

Sarah W.
Great customer service!

So pleased to have this product, simple & sustainable.
Love it.

ChiehHan LU

Pure New Zealand Lanolin - EP Grade (jars): 100g - 600g