5 Breastfeeding Success Tips for New Moms

5 Breastfeeding Success Tips for New Moms

Motherhood is probably one of the best things that could happen to every woman, but it’s also one of the most exhausting as it opens them to new challenging experiences and makes them question everything, especially for first time moms.

Breastfeeding can be really hard and many moms are struggling with it. Some even spend most of the day crying about how breastfeeding is going and some even reach the breaking point and is unsure if they are to continue or not. 

There are a number of things that can be done to improve the chances of breastfeeding success. Here are some of them:

1. Spend time together with the baby after birth. This will promote the feeling of closeness and will help stimulate milk production due to strong hormonal response.

2. Find the most effective and comfortable position to have the proper attachment. The first few days spent with the baby is the best opportunity to discover an effective position and get the attachment right, so experiment and find out which works best.

3. Breastfeed from both breasts. Most babies have a preferred breast but it’s always a good idea to offer them the other, alternating breasts at each feeding to make sure both breasts get emptied equally.

4. Don’t give up. Be patient. Almost all mothers would get mastitis accompanied with fever, cold like symptoms, swollen and really painful breasts, hot when touched and hard lumps that will give the feeling of extreme discomfort and pain. 

  • In cases like this, applying a warm compress and taking warm showers would help ease the pain. 
  • Offering the baby the breast with engorged and hard lumps will help drain the blocked duct. Don't worry, this is safe for babies.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes and try not to wear a bra for a few days.
  • Always take every opportunity to get lots of rest, sleep, hydrate and eat lots of nutritious food.

5. Take care of your nipples. Nipples are tender when breastfeeding, especially during the first few weeks, but with proper care and prevention, it will likely go away. Make sure to use safe, all natural and effective products, like Pure NZ EP Grade Lanolin to help prevent nipples from soreness, cracking and bleeding. It is 100% safe for babies, so there’s no need to remove before breastfeeding. It's a highly recommended product that's thick and rich and helps soothe and protect sore nipples, more importantly, it's safe for both moms and babies.

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