Is lanolin cruelty-free?
Sheeps are not harmed and killed after shearing their wool so therefore, lanolins are animal cruelty free.

What’s the difference between EP Grade and Raw Lanolins?
Raw lanolins have strong sheep like smell and they are mostly used as a lubricant, for rust proofing, for leather protection etc, while our EP grade lanolins have little to no odour and it's ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade anhydrous lanolin that conforms to the most recent edition of the European Pharmacopoeia and mostly used for cracked lips, dry skin, eczema, diaper rash, breastfeeding mums etc.

Is lanolin safe for babies?
Yes! In fact, most hospitals use lanolin to nursing mums and it’s safe for newborns. Our EP Grade lanolin has so many uses, is made of all natural ingredients and is proven safe for both mums and babies.

Is lanolin safe for pregnant women?
Lanolin is safe for pregnant women however, some women are more sensitive during pregnancy, so we always recommend for you to consult your doctor. 

My lanolin has hardened and solidified, what should I do?
Lanolin is a heat susceptible ingredient and is all natural. This means there is a slight tendency for it to solidify in colder months and more ‘liquid’ in warmer months. We recommend warming the product up before use during colder seasons.

What is the shelf life of NZ Naturally Lanolins?
It's officially 2 years but it actually lasts forever and our lanolin never goes moldy.

How do I become a stockist?
Feel free to email us for enquiries and wholesale prices, please contact info@nznaturally.nz