One ingredient. Nothing added. Simple & sustainable.

We are so proud of the purity and quality of our lanolin products that we want to make it as affordable as possible to a global audience, which is why we offer free (non tracked) standard shipping on almost all of our products.

New Zealand's clean isolated environment is an ideal place to grow, nurture and harvest lanolin products. But it would be selfish of us Kiwis to keep this great produce all to ourselves.

We want to share a piece of New Zealand with you every time that we send one of our products out to an international customer.

For our International Buyers

We Are Also Shipping Directly from the USA, UK, Australia and Singapore!!!

Experience the same superior quality of Pure NZ Lanolin you've always loved, with the added convenience of cheaper and faster delivery.


Proven Safe & Effective for Mums and Babies

Can you use lanolin on nappy rash?

Can you use lanolin on nappy rash?

At least half of all babies get a nappy rash/diaper rash at... 

Can lanolin help eczema heal?

Can lanolin help eczema heal?

Eczema is also known as an atopic dermatitis is often recognized by a... 

Can lanolin balm help and prevent chapped lips?

Can lanolin balm help and prevent chapped lips?

Use EP Grade Lanolin to help prevent and heal lips and even... 

Can lanolin help to combat psoriasis symptoms?

Can lanolin help to combat psoriasis symptoms?

People with psoriasis who establish a daily moisturising routine will find that... 

Protects and Moisturises Dry Hair and Skin

Does lanolin tame frizzy hair?

Does lanolin tame frizzy hair?

Due to lanolin's excellent moisture-retention properties, it can also be used for hair. Lanolin readily penetrates... 

Can lanolin condition and repair cuticles?

Can lanolin condition and repair cuticles?

Constant hand washing, wiping with wet cloths, washing up etc. plays havoc... 


    Nappy protection and waterproofing cloth nappies

    Moisturizing and repairing dry, dehydrated skin

    Helping eczema to heal

    Soothing and healing contact dermatitis

    Easing dryness and scaling of psoriasis

  • Nipple salve for breastfeeding mums

    Sunburn healing and protection

    Tame flyaways and frizzy hair

    Regenerates cracked heels

    Highly effective salve for chapped lips

    Skin protection and healing little cuts

    A base ingredient for all kinds of creams, gels and balms


    Mechanical lubricant

    For long term corrosion protection

    Rust proofing on metals

    Helps prevent barnacle and slime growth on boat hulls and propellers

    Helps waterproof surfaces and objects

    Excellent in protecting leather

    Protection for dog paws and horse hooves

  • A lovely natural product

    "Really impressed with the quality of this lovely lanolin. Will definitely be purchasing more as it is so multifunctional, sustainable and gentle. Thank you for this lovely product.
    -Dani Taylor

  • Great Product

    "Super clean and nice productsI wouldn't buy it from anywhere else!!"

    -Milan Muller

  • Waterproofing woolen nappies

    "Great lanolin. It made my sons woollen nappies nicely protected. Great customer service too."


  • Exceptional

    "Great many thanks for such a wonderful product, fast processing and no hassle delivery. Will absolutely be back for more."

    -Alice Elliott

  • Helps heal psoriasis symptoms

    "I have psoriasis in my back and I've been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and I love it! I also use it as a night mask on my face and neck. I see after 2 weeks' results, my skin looks younger!! happy, happy, happy days :-)"

    -Carmen Martinez

  • Do you have inflamed Rosacea?

    "If you suffer from dry skin caused by Rosacea I highly recommend this product. I suffered from a red inflammed nose with dry hard skin. After 2 nightly applications the dry skin has gone, the redness has dramatically lessened and the inflammation has gone. Amazing product. I have tried so many other products that have made no noticeable difference."


  • Brilliant!

    "Previously had used paw paw without parabens I had bought in Australia for chapped lips. Thought I would give this a try. Will be purchasing a big size as it's absolutely brilliant. Doesn't have any smell or taste and unlike most lip balms it doesn't exacerbate dryness if you stop using it actually heals."

    -Trevor Courtney

  • Pure lanolin for ukulele players

    "Was recommended for rubbing on fingertips which can get a bit dry and cracked with continuous playing. It’s been very hard to source and not available from pharmacies any more so great to find it online. It took less than 24 hours to arrive after ordering."

    -Karen Cooper

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