About Us

Why We're Here

NZ Naturally was established to bring high quality pure natural lanolins sustainably sourced from New Zealand to a global audience via the click of a button. We have a passion for the raw beauty and goodness of New Zealand and have founded an opportunity to share this natural purity through the pure and high quality lanolins that we offer on our website.

We are blessed to call New Zealand home and feel that we can offer you part of our country 'on a plate' via our pure lanolins.

'Sustainability' is not a just a buzzword used by NZ Naturally to help sell our products; it is actually one of the core beliefs that holds true for the products we sell. If the source of the product is not sustainable, we will not stock it. Simple as that.

In an age of chemical-laden cosmetic and skin care products, NZ Naturally strives to buck the trend by bringing you our pure high quality lanolin products.

In a nutshell, we package New Zealand's purity and deliver it to your front door.


Free Worldwide Shipping & Packaging

We also channel our passion for sharing these products through our smart use of minimal packaging, which allows us to offer a free worldwide shipping service on almost our entire range.

The saving made on the packaging method is passed directly onto the customer, with greater affordability among a wider audience created.

Where possible, we use recyclable materials for our packaging too. And as we progress we continue the march of improvement with greater sustainable practices and waste reduction, wherever we can. 



Where We're Based

We are lucky to be operating from the beautiful region of Taranaki, on the west coast of the North Island. Here is where the imposing Mount Taranaki tumbles down to the rugged coastline, accompanied by endless rivers and hills along the way. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else!


Seeking Distributors For Our Products

If you are a retailer interested in stocking one or more lines of our products, please get in touch - info@nznaturally.nz