5 Surprising Motherhood Changes - The Good and Bad

5 Surprising Motherhood Changes - The Good and Bad

We often hear from others that motherhood changes people, but do we really know why or how? Elevated hormones and mood swings all play a huge role in the changes. We may not understand what is really happening – until we become mums ourselves. That’s when a whole new reality and adjustment takes place.

There are so many changes happening in our body and one of which is the neurological changes in the brain that start during pregnancy.

Oxytocin, often called the “love hormone”, increase in levels dramatically during pregnancy and after giving birth, which help mothers to alleviate their moods while interacting with their babies – whether through cuddling, snuggling, or simply looking at their cute little faces.

Moms are sometimes more forgetful and confused

“Mommy brain” is how others call it. After giving birth, many moms find it hard to remember things and easily get confused over others. Some may even find themselves losing concentration easily. That’s because their brain has decided that their child is the priority, as compared to remembering a whole lot of stuff, or a random title of a song they heard or a movie they saw on Netflix. Therefore, “mommy brain” is actually helping moms to give their babies more attention.

Moms stay up later and get less sleep

If you become a mother, it’s a given that you won’t get much sleep during the first few years. From crying in the middle of the night, to waking you up every few hours to feed your baby, losing time for shut-eye is just part of being a parent.

When you spend the entire day looking after your baby, you may definitely feel like the night is the only time you can be yourself and relax, which adds up to your sleep debt and that’s stopping you from getting much-needed rest.

Moms use their time more effectively and efficiently

Before having a baby, your time was always your own, with the freedom to choose when to go out, where to go, when to sleep, what to do after work, and so on. That will all change once you have a baby, and the only way you can juggle all those demands is by spending time as wisely as possible and treating it as a precious resource.

Moms are better at planning ahead

Baby care is just so demanding and moms can’t just leave things to chance. Every single thing needs to be planned so you don’t run out of time, chance or items like diapers, milk or baby food. Going out with your little one can be very tough too. You can’t leave all preparations to the last minute and you always have to ensure that the place you are going to is child-friendly and won’t cause any harm and discomfort to your kid.

Moms put high regard on quality

“Trust a mother’s choice”. Most mothers are more concerned about the quality of products for her family, especially the baby. She tends to trust a brand and be loyal to it. Safety, convenience and nutrition are what moms value in products, so when searching for a versatile product with so many magical benefits, choose only the brand that offers Pure New Zealand EP Grade Lanolin that’s proven safe and effective for moms and babies.

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