An Effective All Natural Product To Keep Nappy Rash Away

An Effective All Natural Product To Keep Nappy Rash Away

Nappy rash seems to be one of the challenges every parents are facing. It is given and expected that a baby would experience some irritation and redness every once in a while. Some get frequent nappy rash that disappear in a few days to a week, while other babies experience a rash that doesn't seem to go away or is frequently reappearing.

First thing to remember is to always keep the babies bottoms clean and moisturized. Preventative care is still more important above all.

Lanolin, being an all natural, safe and mild product produced by sheep, is such an effective product to treat and prevent damaged skin irritation or nappy rash.

Applying a thin layer of lanolin to clean babies bottoms act like a shield that prevents the skin from absorbing urine and stool while keeping it moisturized.

Most parents who choose cloth nappies over disposable ones often prefer lanolin over other harmful chemical over-the-counter products. 

Lanolin can also be used in waterproofing wool cloth and covers that helps preserve the life and durability of the clothes and nappies.

Make sure you also schedule periods of time in a day where the babies bottom can air out and so allowing them not to wear diapers during a certain time in a day will help the baby’s skin breathe so make sure you allow the baby's skin some air exposure too.

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