Glass Skin Is In! Check Out TikTok’s ‘SLUGGING’ Trend Today!

Glass Skin Is In! Check Out TikTok’s ‘SLUGGING’ Trend Today!

Are you tired of your dry, dull, bumpy patchy especially during extreme colder months or hot summer days?

Millions of TikTok users have been sharing their tips and tricks on how to have a healthy glowing skin, wether it's a magical new product they promote or add to their skin care routine, or a homemade product for skin care, we all are guilty of being influenced by the posts of the users of this social media giant for tips and info, especially when it comes to DIY skin care.

"Slugging" is a technique for skincare that seals and and coats the skin, and slathering some products to lock in the natural skin moisture, preventing trans epidermal water loss which contributes to dry patchy skin.

People suffering from eczema, psoriasis, excessively dry skin, contact dermatitis and wind chapped cheeks all benefit from slugging. This method helps combat their symptoms by providing proper hydration to the skin, and for those who have healthy and nourished skin, slugging has benefits too as it helps maintain other products locked in, keeping external irritants out.

Lanolin, is a good product for slugging because it has a thick consistency that will effectively seal in moisture but is non comedogenic and not likely to clog pores or breakouts and will definitely make the skin still breathable.
A little goes a long way! You only need to use a small amount to form a thin layer over top of your other moisturizers.

Here are some quick slugging steps:

1. Be sure to cleanse your face with mild soap and pat dry.

2. Apply your favourite hydrating products like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide or glycerin.

3. Put on your favourite moisturizer in cream, lotion or oil form.

4. Slug! Apply a think layer of lanolin over your face to lock in the products and wait a few minutes before getting into bed.

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