Lanolin – A Versatile Product With So Many Interesting Uses

Lanolin – A Versatile Product With So Many Interesting Uses

It is difficult to identify a substance that could surpass lanolin in its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of dry and rough skin.

It is a completely natural product that is produced from the multistage refining of wool grease, a natural, renewable raw material, which is obtained from the scouring (washing) of raw wool.

In nature, it protects the wool and skin against the detrimental effects of bad weather. Similar to its natural function, lanolin protects and improves the structure of skin and hair.

Lanolin is a versatile product and has so many uses which include the following:

Extremely effective emollient 

Restores and maintains the all-important hydration (moisture balance) of the stratum corneum, and so prevents drying and chapping of the skin. Equally important, it does not alter the skin's normal transpiration.

Used in cosmetic products - moisturises the skin, hair, and nails

These ingredients act as a lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft, smooth appearance. Lanolin blends well with nearly all other substances used in cosmetic and personal care products.

Heals chapped lips

Lanolin has the ability to penetrate the moisture barrier of the lips, as opposed to just sitting right on top. This makes it a great option for healing dry, chapped lips.

Used commercially in many industrial products

The use ranges from rust-proof coatings to lubricants. Lanolin has been known to be used by some sailors to create slippery surfaces on their propellers and stern gear to which barnacles cannot adhere. Because of its property being water-repellent, it becomes valuable lubricant grease where corrosion would otherwise be a problem.

So whether used as a component for cosmetics, personal care, as a lubricant, rust-preventive coatings, and other commercial products, lanolin is definitely a great gift of nature.

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