Lanolin: If It's Good Enough For Sheep...

Lanolin: If It's Good Enough For Sheep...

Lanolin is produced by sheep to protect their skin and waterproof their wool. (As though they know that's what farmers raise them for!) Some sheep create more than others depending on the breed. Humans have found uses for lanolin for many, many years now - primarily in the moisturisation and care of our skin.

lanolin new zealand natural

Lanolin from New Zealand sheep is prized because of the natural environment and more natural farming practices used here. At once time there used to be 70 million sheep in the country - that was 22 per person! The current number is closer to 7 per person - or around 27 million.

Being a naturally-produced substance, lanolin has many benefits for skin and skin care products. It's used in lip balms, skin creams, and can even be put directly onto dry skin where its emollient effect has quick results. This has long been known by breastfeeding mothers! We have a customer who uses it in his handmade shaving creams and it can even be used for pets when their paws have abrasions.

lanolin treats paw abrasion

Along with skin care, lanolin has industrial applications too. It's used in lubricants, shoe polish, rust-proofing, and softening baseball gloves or even barnacle-proofing boats!

If you create products that have moisturising properties, or even just have a case of dry skin to clear up, try our lanolin today.

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