Top 10 Ways to Use Lanolin

Posted by Ed Morgan on

Perhaps the need for lanolin to soothe your nipples during breastfeeding is no longer necessary. However, you still have a lot to use so you're wondering what to do with it...

 Here are ten other uses for lanolin that will leave you wanting to get more!

  1. Cuticle repair - smooth on cuticles overnight to replenish them and make them soft
  2. Protect leather - apply to any leather item that needs softening
  3. Hair product - use a small amount to tame flyaways or for the messy bedhead look
  4. Cracked heels - apply lanolin before going to bed and wear socks to help it be absorbed
  5. Little cuts - use a small amount on little cuts like paper cuts or shaving cuts
  6. Sunburn - help bring your skin back from a day in the sun
  7. Dry Nose - when kids have a cold, apply some under their nose to protect the skin from all the extra nose-wiping
  8. Chapped skin - lips, cheeks and other skin that's been chapped from the cold
  9. Mustache Wax - melt with equal parts beeswax and pour into a sanitised jar
  10. Dog Paws - if your dog has abrasions on its paws, a little lanolin will help

Do you have any special uses for lanolin in your routines? We find it's great as a general moisturiser for hands in the winter - especially for those who work outdoors. Share your suggestions with us!

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