Why Switch to All Natural Products?

Why Switch to All Natural Products?

Natural products provide a better alternative to products that consist of harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Let's face it, unnatural products are downright risky, not just in their conventional packaging but they also contain nasty chemicals that can cause allergies and many more skin conditions.

Parabens are chemicals found in some body care products, like moisturisers and baby lotions and sadly, there is emerging evidence that parabens can imitate estrogen, which can cause cancer.

You might think some of those natural ingredients in your favourite beauty products are there for a reason; actually these artificial preservatives are unnecessary.

Lanolin, on the other hand, is all natural and comes from a renewable resource and is free of pesticides and chemicals and goes through a gentle refining process to remove contaminants before we use it in our products and has been used in many skin care products for hundreds of years.

Lanolin is a natural alternative, with proven efficacy in healing and protecting your skin and has no known side effects, therefore switching to natural products can save you from the harmful effects of the harsh chemicals, while leaving your skin healthier.

Remember! You're controlling what you feed your skin so make sure you trust only that brand that's all natural, and proven safe and effective.


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