Trend Alert! Lip Masking is In!

Trend Alert! Lip Masking is In!

So many beauty and skin care trends have really gone viral on social media, particularly in TikTok, and lip masks is absolutely one of the latest trends everyone should consider adding to their routine.

What exactly is a lip mask?

It's a product that is applied on the lips for a specific period of time, mostly overnight, which hydrate the lips and help make it appear fuller, plumper and more kissable. Imagine having those Angelina Jolie lips, that's the goal and idea of lip masking!

Where and how did this so called 'new trend' start?

We all know that Koreans are very particular with skin care routine and products and they make sure what they use are safe, gentle and effective.

KBeauty has been huge in the past few years, and some Korean beauty products and skin care routines have been been introduced and have penetrated the Western market and other parts of the world.

Ever seen celebrities wearing face masks in pictures, posts and on TV? It's definitely a trend now that's showing no signs of slowing down and predicted to stay in the next couple of more years as most people are discovering so much benefits from the products and routine, more than just the hype.

What are the benefits of lip masks?

Just like lip balms, lip masks prevent the lips from drying and chapping, especially during extreme cold weather, helping the lips look fuller, plumper and healthier, reducing the so called 'thinning lips', especially to those aging men and women.

What's the difference between lip balms and lip masks?

They both are applied in the same method and on the lips, however, lip mask tends to last longer and is more hydrating to the lips as the lips absorb most of the product, especially when applied and left overnight, while lip balms are not designed to last longer, where in cold winter days, you would need to apply it regularly almost every hour to prevent the lips from drying and chapping.

What makes lanolin a great lip mask?

Lanolin is a great lip masking product. It's all natural - made from sheep's wool and containing no other ingredients. It's safe, super versatile and is an effective soothing emollient, deeply moisturizing and softening to the lips and skin.

Don't be left behind by the craze. Try lanolin for lip masking and see for yourself!


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