Pure New Zealand Lanolin - EP Grade (jars): 100g - 600g

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100% Pure New Zealand Lanolin

Pure Lanolin (EP Grade)
✔️No Petrolatum
✔️No Parabens
✔️No Artificial Fragrance
✔️No Mineral Oil
✔️No Sulfates
✔️No PEGs

  • Lighter in colour
  • More refined
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the European Pharmacopeia (EP)
  • New Zealand lanolin is rich in Vitamin D3 Similar to substances found in humans skin - it acts as an excellent emollient - helping to soothe, moisturise and protect the skin whilst also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss though the epidermis High in alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly touted as having anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties


EP Grade Lanolin Uses:

  • Skin protection and heals little cuts
  • Diaper protection and waterproofing cloth diapers
  • Nipple salve for breastfeeding mothers
  • Sunburn healing and protection
  • Tame flyaways and frizzy hair
  • Eyebrow soap for feathery and fluffy brow look
  • Heals and protects cracked heels
  • Heals chapped lips
  • A base ingredient for all kinds of creams, gels and balms


Please note: We cannot take responsibility for any allergic reactions a user may have. If a reaction does occur, please discontinue use.

Looking for a product as mechanical lubricant, rust proofing, leather protection, dog paw protection? We have raw lanolin available in jars too.

We also have raw lanolin and EP grade lanolin available in sachets, which have FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING included in the price.

If you're interested in making a bulk purchase, please contact us here

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chris Morgan
Good for feet and hands

I bought a tin from NZ Naturally of natural lanolin to try for sore feet and heels and it worked very well - also good for eczema and chapped hands and lips.
Highly recommended.

Healed my chapped lips!

The product is great and effective in healing my chapped dry lips. Definitely is pure and natural. Fast delivery.

Henry Morgan
Rejuvenated leather

Great product. Used it to give some life back into a leather topped table and matching chair I have that we’re getting tired. It was easy to apply and they now look great!

Stunning natural product!

I had no idea what this product was. I thought about the lanolin facial creams at souvenir shops - not the same product at all! I bought this to turn book pages as my hands stop sweating in autumn, and I find it very hard to turn the pages (don't laugh, lol!).
Soon, I was using it for my hands, slicking down my unruly hair, using it as a lip balm/gloss (which fixed my shedding lips)! Wonderful product and a great present for friends who will love you (more) for it!
Thank you!

R. T.
I've never seen a product so effective for my eczema!

I suffer from eczema and I used to have super dry, flaky/scaly skin but when I found out that this kind of lanolin they call the 'EP. Grade' is effective in alleviating the eczema symptoms, I immediately ordered from this website as I've read reviews that they are legit and they sell pure NZ lanolin.

After a few days of using, I noticed my skin has gone so smooth and the flakiness and redness is almost gone! I want to hoard and buy more of this product and I will share it to all my friends and family.

The shipping was very quick too! I got it delivered the next day! Awesome product + awesome service! Super highly recommended!!!